Written by Liz Carr
Director Mark Whitelaw
Composer Ian Hill


Isaac Bernier-Doyle
Liz Carr
Jo Church
Gillian Dean
David James
Stephanie James
Claire Willoughby

This project has been developed and produced by In Company Collective @incocollective

Designer Bethany Wells
Production Manager Simon Sturgess
Stage Manager Emma Banwell
Choreographer Jane Turner
Sound Designer Tom Aspley
Lighting Designer Jo Palmer

For In Company Collective:
Director Tracy Gentles
Producer Lauren Davis
Film Claire Nolan
Marketing Vic Shead
PR Martha Oakes

For ages 14+

Supported by Unlimited, with funding from Arts Council England and additional support from a Wellcome Trust People Award


Thank you to everyone who has provided the support, friendship and wisdom over the past ve years to get this show made and onto the stage. Including:

Jo Church, Robert Preston, Julie McNamara and Vital Xposure, Simon Casson, Graeae Theatre Company, David Duchin, Tracey Tyer, Sinead Skinner, Beck Firth, Alex Bulmer, The Big Lounge Collective, Katherine Araniello, Paula Van Hagen, Gary Horsman, Laura May and all at Chats Palace, Clara Giraud, Jo Verrent and all at Unlimited, Anthony Roberts, Staff Glover and all at Colchester Arts Centre, Jon Underwood, Charlotte Grif n-Jones, Jan Fox and all at St Joseph’s Hospice, Jules Deering, Joe Hill, Penny Pepper, Salome Wagaine, Shannon Clegg, Barb Jungr, Adey Grummet, Alex Legge, Tom Stacy, Sarah MacGuire, Abby Melia, Dorie Pinchin, Bradley Thompson, Ailin Conant, Lu Harshan, Annabelle Sani, Derrick Thomas, Terry Galloway, Donna Nudd and the Mickee Faust Theatre Company, Tallahassee. And everyone who donated their face to the End Your Life video.