‘It certainly made me rethink my position… It is very funny!’ BBC Front Row

'An original, unprecedented piece of musical theatre.' Exeunt Magazine

It was over five years ago when I first had the idea of seeing a chorus line of people in medical hoists on a stage. From there, Assisted Suicide: The Musical was born. Along the way, I’ve worked with lots of people, had incredible support and we premiered the show as part of the Unlimited Festival at the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre on Saturday 11 September 2016. 

As a disabled person who has been a long–time campaigner opposing the legalisation of assisted suicide, as a performer and as a lover of musicals, it’s my hope that through the spectacular world of musical theatre, we can explore this complex and controversial subject together. I cannot thank director Mark Whitelaw, composer Ian Hill, our cast and crew enough for helping me to tell this important yet often unheard story.

By coincidence, the premiere of this show coincided with the one year anniversary since the UK Parliament voted 330-118 against legalising assisted suicide on 11th September 2015. The debate continues in the media and opinion polls would have you believe that the majority of the UK population believe it’s a humane choice to license doctors’ to provide assisted suicide for terminally ill and disabled people. Myself and many other people, including many disabled people, disagree. 

I have debated this subject on Newsnight on various occasions, I’ve been on a euthanasia road trip to all the countries where assisted suicide or euthanasia are legal and I’ve made my experiences into a BBC World Service documentary (Listen to Part 1 / Listen to Part 2). As a performer though, I wanted to devise a show that will provoke and entertain by subverting notions of choice, dignity, compassion and quality of life through music, comedy, a few sequins but most importantly through our shared humanity. 

Liz Carr

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If you’d like to read more about my reasons for opposing assisted suicide, this is a piece I wrote for ITN in 2015 in the run up to the Assisted Dying Bill being debated in the House of Commons

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